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          are table top models.  They are much less expensive than commercial models, and  though they are not quite as powerful,  they work GREAT! 

                         Happy New Year.

          We are going on vacation for three weeks

Thank you for visiting our Little Jiffy slab roller website.  Have a good time looking around, but we are going on vacation after the Christmas rush so if you order a Little Jiffy slab roller during the first three weeks in January it will be shipped end of January or first week in February.

                                                                   of Little Jiffy in action
                                                            YOUTUBE BY Little Jiffy user

Every Little Jiffy slab roller is handcrafted with loving care and is 100% guaranteed--we want you to love it as much as we do.


Little Jiffy has Oak Wood rails and comes with shims and two stitched edge canvases.

The inside dimensions of the larger is 16"x28", it sells for $95.00

 For slabs from 5/8 inch thick down to 1/8 inch.  Shipping and handling is $45.00 by USPS inside the continental U.S.        


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